Anne-Francoise Wauthy - Contemporary Abstract Artist



Belgian born, mixed-media artist Anne-Françoise Wauthy’s work is bright and rigorously simple yet points to the complex issues of consumer waste and our environmental footprint. She collects obsessively used Nespresso coffee capsules from family and friends to transform them into “paint chips” to use as a medium in her pieces. Manuel labor is a large part of her creative process. Her previous experience as a quilter had a strong influence on the techniques she uses to create her art. 

She is an eternal art student and traveler: from the UK at Wokingham College, to painting and dying workshops in France and Spain, to a BFA in Studio Arts with a major in Fibres from Concordia University in Montreal. Since her degree, she has continued her development with various workshops in Vancouver and California. 

Her multiple skills across mediums were noticed by Concordia associate professor Ingrid Bachmann who invited Wauthy to be her research assistant. Wauthy is currently based in Vancouver, BC where she has a studio. She also has a studio in Bromont, Qc. She has exhibited in group shows in Paris (2000,2001,2002), Montreal (2005,2006,2007), Waterloo (2008), Cuba (2009) and Vancouver over the last 4 years. Her work is part of private collections in Belgium, France, UK, Switzerland, USA and Canada.


I enjoy working with colorful discarded and mundane materials to explore their possibilities and potential in the creation of unsuspected materials based around the ideas of what constitutes a cloth or a painting. 

Belgian born, my two previous generations had lived through the war: reusing and recycling is part of my social conditioning. My techniques are borrowed from my situation as a female housewife where repetitive labor in the home environment serves as a valid exploration in my creative process. I also applied my background experience as a quilter to my work.

Home, repetition, labor and selective recycling define my practice.

During the last few years, I have been collecting, cleaning and cutting strips from Nespresso capsules. I reassemble the material collected to create tableaux or cloths like textiles. The repetitive action of deconstructing and rebuilding allows a private space for the mind to wander, as the hands are busy. My actions are part of a daily ritual.


2019 Nov 14-17, Eastside Culture, Vancouver, British Colombia

2019, The Art of Upcycling, Pitt Meadow Gallery, Vancouver, British Colombia

2019, Upcycling Port Moody's Heritage, Port Moody , British Colombia

2018 Nov 15, Eastside Culture, Vancouver, British Colombia

2018, The Art of Upcycling, Pitt Meadow Gallery, Vancouver, British Colombia

2017, Nov 16, "East Side Culture Crawl" 1310 William Clark Studios, Studio 7, Vancouver, British Colombia

2016 Nov 16, “Eastside Culture Crawl" 1310 William Clark Studios, Studio 7, Vancouver, British Colombia

2015 Nov 14, "The Drift", 125 2nd Ave East Vancouver, British Colombia

2014, “The Reclaimers", North Vancouver Art Council Gallery, North Vancouver, British Colombia

2010, “Quatre filles et leurs toiles osent et s'exposent" Galerie Ouest, Sainte-Anne de Bellevue, Quebec

2009, “Prom dress”, 16th Romerias, Al Festival Mundial de Juventudes Artisticas, Holguin, Cuba

2007, “Memories”, Connective Tissue, Musee des Maitres et Artisans du Quebec, Ville St Laurent, Quebec

2006, “Paper Lace”, Soft, Montreal, Qc

2005, “Kit #15”, Bias Consistent Project, Long Hall, Montreal, Qc

2000, 2001, 2002, Artists Exhibition of the Association of Canadian Women in Paris, Centre Culturel Canadien, Paris, France

Member of the Institute of Everyday Life (IEL) since its creation in 2007

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